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Is my Axe FX II broken?

Mats Lexell


I was playing on my Axe FX, worked perfectly fine (still on FW 18.01).

All of a sudden it went dead. This is how it responds now (you might wanna lower your volume):

Has this happened to anyone?
What might be the problem?
What should I do?



Yes looks like a power supply problem. Shouldn't be too major, though very disconcerting. Like Chris says contact Fractal or G66 if you're in Europe.
If you search on the forum there are a couple of other threads on power supply problems and even where you can buy a replacement.
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Mats Lexell

Thanks for the respons guys! I contacted g66, and also made a ticet att fractal support (maybe that was redundant :p)

I really hope it's nothing too serious... Almost got a heart attack when my beloved wouldn't start! :eek:


Fractal Fanatic
Definitely power supply. Judging by the way it dies, looks like it might be the capacitors in the power supply.


Fractal Audio Systems
Yup, that's a dead power supply. I'm guessing you're in Europe. The quickest, cheapest, easiest solution is to fix it yourself or buy the part and bring it to someone who can replace it.

The power supply is an Artesyn LPT-42 (also sold under Astec and Emerson labels). Should be readily available in EU.
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