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Is my Axe acting up?


First off...Merry Christmas everyone!

I've got two things going on that I'm not quite sure about, and I'm new to Fractal, so here goes....

1. When I have two amps in the same preset, using scenes to switch between the two (the scene simply bypasses one and engages the other), I get a rather loud click/pop/whatever you want to call it when I switch between amps via scenes. The type of amp (clean, dirty, high gain, etc.) doesn't seem to matter, the pop is there either way. It also doesn't matter if I switch scenes from my MFC, or within Axe-Edit. And it's not a tiny pop....Definitely something you don't want in there, and of course any delay or verb after the amp just helps to magnify the pop. Is this normal operation? Should I be using another method to switch between amps within a preset?

2. When in Axe-Edit, everything was going just fine, and then all of the sudden my X/Y changes weren't holding. I was within a preset that I had been working on for about an hour or so, and to that point, everything was working as expected with my X/Y's. Then out of nowhere, I'd change a parameter on the Y side of an amp, switch to the X side to compare, and the Y parameter I just changed carried over to the X side. Basically, anything I changed on either the X or Y side got applied to the opposite side as well. I shut down Axe-Edit, rebooted the Axe, and bang...Everything back to normal.

Adding to #2, about a week ago, I was having trouble getting parameters to assign to an expression pedal correctly. Being new to the Axe, I just assumed was doing something wrong and kept working at it. At one point, I shut down the Axe to go make some programming changes to the MFC via MFC-Edit (MFC was connected and being powered by FASLink at the time, so I needed to shut down to connect MFC-Edit), and when I fired the Axe back up, the expression pedal parameters magically worked as expected. Remembering this was what prompted me to reboot the Axe when problem #2 happened.

I'm on Quantum 9.03, Axe-Edit 3.14.3, MFC 3.09. PC is Win10 64. Any thoughts?


In response situation 1: Switching scenes while connected to Axe-Edit via USB will take longer than when disconnected. Also, check the value of the input impedance (the first noise gate block). Is it fixed or set to auto?


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On the first question,I had the same issue. try setting the bypass mode of the amp that's bypassed when switching scenes to mute and see if that eliminates any funk going on between the two amps when they're in the switch process.


Thanks for the responses. Sorry for the delay getting back, but with the holiday, my online time was a bit limited.

I was using the Axe while connected to Axe-Edit, but I was pausing the communications when testing my patches. After reading the responses, I disconnected the USB all together, but same result...A rather loud pop when switching between amps via scenes. The input impedance is set to auto. If I change the bypass mode of the amp (either amp) to mute, when that amp is bypassed, no audio signal passes through at all. Incidentally, even when the amp bypass mode is set to mute, I get the pop when changing scenes that switch between the amps. I even tried setting both amp bypass modes to mute, and I get the pop when changing scenes that switch between the amps. Between this and the other little hiccup I had, I'm thinking my next move is to reload the firmware?

One other note...In my scenes, just about every scene has multiple block changes. It's only when the amp blocks switch that I get the pop. If the amp stays the same but other blocks change with a scene switch, no problems.


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Good catch @Hubertus Yeah I assumed the OP had them in parallel already obviously lol. So parallel them and mute both bypass mode. That was my scene switch pop fix move!


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So you have the amp blocks in series? Try setting them up parallel.

And if you have an expression pedal you can use it with a pair of volume blocks with opposite slopes to blend back and forth between the two instead of switching.
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