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Is it safe to use the Axe-Fx II vertically?


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I have a 4 space Anvil Forge II rack case with my Axe-Fx II Mark I on the bottom and my Furman PL-Plus Series II power conditioner on top so there's one empty space in between for airflow and cables.

Is it safe to put the rack on its side to conserve space or does the Axe-Fx II have to be horizontal when using?


It's safe to use vertically. I've had mine vertical for the last couple of years, and no problems!


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Last gig I had mine at the side of a small bar stage placed vertically. The bar manager thought it sounded great but asked me somewhat concerned "Is it good for the tubes inside to be vertically?"

muaaahaaahaa ;)

You can run the Axe II on it's side, but you have to get over the slight latency between when you strike the string, and you hear the sound. The electrons move a little slower when traveling uphill like that.


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Mine is vertical most mornings, carn sarnit.

Don't forget, if you run your Axe-Fx on its side, that you also run the speaker on its side... And look out... 8 ohm speakers turned 90 degrees become infinite ohm speakers...
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facepalm.jpghahaha did you really ask this question? lol
its a PCB board, not a Toyota! lol Sorry, I just had too! hehehe
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