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Is it possible to use a single pedal for volume/wah using Output 1 method?


I use the I/O section on my AxeFX2 to control volume for Output 1 via a Mission Engineering expression pedal and the MFC-101. This controls the volume just fine, but I'd like to also use the same pedal as a wah controller. I know this can be done using a volume block in the signal chain and the pedal's internal switch via a modifier...but since I don't use a volume block and control overall volume via the I/O method, is there a way to have the pedal stop controlling the volume in this way once the wah is engaged? I'm trying to avoid adding another expression pedal to the board as I already have a second one on there for delay mix (a la Pete Thorn) and I don't use the wah very often.


yes, it's possible, but you'll need to change to using a volume block in all your patches (a better approach than controlling output 1 level, imo). you can then use a switch to change the function of the pedal. if you don't manage to figure it out, come back and i'll explain in detail how to do it


Thanks, all. Guess I'll have to start adding a VOL block at the end of my signal chain.

why at the end?

there are so many other nice places to put it....well two, actually...

put it at the beginning and it will behave like the volume knob on your guitar...lowering gain as you bring it down. if you want to keep gain the same, put it after your cab, but before any delays and reverbs etc and then if you drop it down suddenly, you will still hear the tails of those fx and they won't be cut off suddenly.
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