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Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

Jack Napalm

Power User
Would you prefer?

Some pink would be nice.


Actually, yeah, my first thought was that I didn't like the look of it all that much. That said, I didn't hesitate a single second in clicking that wait-list button.

I think I just prefer the look of a 2u unit, but 3u makes a ton of sense, and I'm already looking forward to the bigger screen, better navigation, and all that extra IO.

Plus, the look of it has grown on me a bit since I initially saw it. :sunglasses:
Anyone else feel that the new version is ugly? Maybe I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover ... I really preferred the 2U style ! Now I have to get a new rack system built in my studio to cater for a 3U... #FirstWorldProblems

Doesn't really bother me. The way I have my rig set up I'm the only one who has to look at it and I like it well enough. I'm not playing it for style points...that's what my cabs, guitar and shoes are for. ;)
Honestly, I think the Positive Grid looks like a cheap stereo from the 70's. I've only seen pictures, and I'm already worried the knobs are going to break in a week.

If the knobs on the Bias Amp are anything like the knobs on the Bias Distortion pedal I used to own, I'd also share your concern about them looking like they could break off. I was surprised at how flimsy they were considering the cost and apparent attempt to make the unit appear robust.


As someone who was on the original SGX-2000 waitlist for a year(!), I resemble that remark!

What can you do, it was the era where neon pink was cool!

I hear you. I had one myself. Every once in a while, you will see one of their foot controllers out there and you just want to step on it a bit harder.


Consider a plate of spaghetti. May look like they pulled it out of the stomach of roadkill, but you salivate because you know what's in store for you when you dive in!

On one hand I understand some of the UI gripes, because Line 6 is light years ahead, but they kinda have to be because when using their products I spend more time looking at the screen than the fretboard. With fractal, I probably couldn't draw the front panel from memory because I touch two knobs and then lose an hour or two jamming. After an hour of set up and tweaking via a monitor, I just plug in and flick it on and it's exactly what I need until I make a drastic change in string gauge or pick ups... I just can't get to a place where I feel like a UI update is really a necessity


I really like everything I'm reading about the UI changes, and the screen will no doubt be excellent to work with. I also really like the added IO. No question I'll be buying one. That said, I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the appearance. It looks a bit like something one of the other, more consumer-oriented companies would have made. Perhaps appealing to that crowd was part of the design choices, and that's fine too. After all, pros are more likely to buy it for what it does regardless of the looks. If a few more people who don't need all the functionality buy one anyway because it looks awesome to them, all the better for Fractal (and by extension, all of us as well).


I think the III looks great and the fact that it is a 3u size is fine for my setup in my studio. However, as I only bought the Axe-Fx II XL+ about 10 months ago it will be some time before I consider selling it. There is still a lot of potential to explore with the current unit which sounds great as it is. My two favourite presets that I use most of the time only happen to consume about 50% CPU processing.

dr bonkers

Fractal Fanatic
Seriously mate, this amp modeller looks sexy
It may look sexy to you, but it doesn't sound sexy to many.

Would rather have look sexy or sound sexy if you could only have one characteristic in a modeler?

I know what I would pick.

When a company focuses more on one aspect, other important parts are sacrificed more times than not. See Headrush for another looks sexy/sounds like dirty @$$ modeler.
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