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Is it 1982? 80s Pop and the Axe FX

Joe Shirey

New here
Howdy y'all!

Just released a new track heavily inspired by some 80s pop, using the Axe for all the guitars and bass!
Guitars were mostly the HiWatt and some chorus/reverb; bass was just the Ampeg.

The tone for the solo was actually @Danny Danzi 's Van Halen patch he posted here a while ago - so, thanks Dan!

Don't mind my pitchy singing and terrible Daryl Hall impression :D

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New here
Wow dude, your singing is really sweet. The only thing you lack is a bit of vibrato here and there.
Didn't like the lead tone though. It's harsh, sharp and pointy and is kinda behind the mix.
The song is great overall!
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