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Is a MFC overkill for home use?


I think it should be a required class for 12th grade or at least prior to letting 18 year olds sign their future away on student loans & car payments. Straight cash baby!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the semi-thread jack...

Ah a fellow Financial Peace University person! I didn't expect to find one on the Fractal forums!


Yes actually. It is to me. It was even an overkill for my live use ( which I do often ) after scenes came out^^


Fractal Fanatic
For the complete rockstar experience, foot pedals and tight black jeans are compulsory
That's the way that I went, but in order to save money on the tight jeans to apply to the MFC I just got fat.

Seriously though I put it off for years. I don't use it every second of the day, but it does make things like dealing with scenes a lot easier. Basically if you are going to use a foot controller it just saves a lot of hassle.


It's a bit overkill for me as I am a "one crushing tone is all I need" kind of guy but it's fun and inspiring to always have more options.
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