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Is a MFC overkill for home use?


Do many of you use a MFC for only home use or is this overkill? I'm deciding whether to pull the trigger on one and can't decide? I only use it at home.
I think that it is a personal decision. In my case, I only play at home and always by myself, however this is my hobby, my fun. I sold my Voodoo Ground Control Pro and bought the MFC. I have now an Axe Fx XL and a MFC101 Mark III, but that is my reality. I decided to pay the price to have (little) more fun with the great integration between Axe Fx and MFC.

I hope it helps.



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I am 80% home player but do some casual gigs every now and then. Love to have the flexibility, IAs, scenes etc and ext pedals even just at home playing to backing tracks or whatever... all up to you if you think its worth it


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Do many of you use a MFC for only home use or is this overkill? I'm deciding whether to pull the trigger on one and can't decide? I only use it at home.
Huh? Of course it's perfect for home use. :stupid:

Get the MFC glove that perfectly fits the AXE FX hand and rawk yourself out in the privescy of yer own home! :D
The MFC can solve huge problems for playing live on stage. Home? Not so much. Is it nice to have anyway? Definitely. Luke nailed it. If you expect to only use this at home and have disposable income, sure.

Gauging whether or not it is WORTH it depends on what problems you are trying to solve and what else may be available to solve those problems. Maybe a more simple MIDI controller with fewer buttons gets you what you need and saves you cash?


Thanks for the responses. I'm really just looking for something i can go from clean to crunch, and make it easier to through different patches during songs. The MFC does seem like the way to go though.


You should change your name to Dave Ramsey....... I listen him every day & that is right out of his playbook.
My wife calls me Dave Ramsey as well... LOL

If your bills are paid, your are on schedule with your retirement savings and you have an emergency fund for life's unexpected problems, then go for it, if you'd enjoy it. If you are lacking any of the aforementioned, then you might be wiser to spend your money elsewhere.


I agree. The MFC is very cool & worth every penny. As a home player Axe Edit would probably be used more often. My MFC is typically unplugged. It is handy for multiple expression pedals (Wah, Volume, Drive, Etc....) & very simple to use & setup. You can always pick up a MFC down the road.

in all honesty yes, it's overkill if you are just using it to simply change presets.


I think the MFC is absolutely essential if you want to get the most out of your $2k investment, never mind the countless hours of your valuable time spent dialing it in. If you want the easiest quickest access and manipulate the sounds you designed, you need the MFC. Besides, the MFC holds it's value as well as any other piece of kit. If/ when you decide it's overkill, sell it. Fractal goes out of stock on a regular basis. You'll likely be out of pocket less than $100.00 if you decide it's not for you. In other words, it's money in the bank.

You're a guitar player. It's a bunch of pedals. What's to think about it? :)


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I play at home. I had the money and did not want to hassle with programming cheaper pedals. I love it!


I agree with Severed, seems like over-kill to me, if you're just using it to switch between presets, get yourself a used Ground Control or other inexpensive midi foot controller off ebay for ~$100. Take the $700 you saved and send it to me. :D

Now, if you're interested in Scenes, or controlling the looper, or more advanced features, go for it. I have the MFC, and I love it, but I'm playing live a few times a month, and I couldn't do without it.
Seriously though, I'm an MFC user, but I also have one of these:

[FCB4N2] Programmable MIDI Foot Controller (Ver2.0)

It's capable of doing a lot. More than capable of switching between dirty and clean and a few presets and using at home. And it doesn't take up very much floor space. Heck, I used to do 3 hour gigs with this as my only MIDI foot controller. Yes, the MFC is better of course.
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The answer generally is YES it is overkill for home use - but if you love gear like most guitar players and you don't waste your money on frivolous things like smokes and drugs then I say spend the money and enjoy your passion. "We're here for a good time, not a long time" - Trooper.

For me as a weekend cover band musician the MFC works out great and turns the Axe FxII into a Bradshaw Rack.


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Do many of you use a MFC for only home use or is this overkill? I'm deciding whether to pull the trigger on one and can't decide? I only use it at home.
You may not need it now, but learning to use the Axe Fx with a good controller is a worthwhile learning experience, and who knows, you may be playing out down the road and you will be ready. :)
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