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IR of an ENGL E412SS cabinet (Celestion V60)


Hello everyone

I made some IRs of the ENGL E412SS cabinet (4x12" Celestion V60). Unfortunately, the SM57 is the only decent microphone I own to record cabinets.
I recorded five positions from three different distances, however, the only sounds I like are cap and cap edge. Nevertheless, I uploaded all positions in case someone asks out of curiosity.

The IR works best for high-gain amplifiers and hard-rock to metal rhythm-work. It sounds pretty different than the popular V30.

Best regards ;)


Fractal Fanatic
Thanks for taking the time to make and share these.
I will give them a go in the morning.

I tried them and they sound great. I have to set the low cut in the cab block to 240, but then they sound perfect.
Thanks again. Very good stuff.
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Hello everyone

I'm glad you all like it. I will try to get hands on more microphones and also fix the "too much bass"-problem. I'll keep you posted.
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