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iPAD AxeEdit Control Solution


I downloaded an app yesterday called Desktop Connect. It's about 14.99 but allows you VNC access to your Win or Mac PC.
It's a VNC type application that allows you to access you PC through your iPad or iPhone. It has an optional program you download to your PC called Easy Connect which
uses GMAIL to access you PC from anywhere in the world.
The interface using desktop connect is a little cumbersome due to the lack of good mouse control but using Easy Connect through GMail it has a mouse pad utility works excellent.

Great app for remote access to AxeEdit with being tethered to the unit.

Note: The app states it streams audio but I have yet to get that working. Doesn't seem to function.


Power User
Log Me In has a product for the iPad, as well. The software that loads on the PC is free, and the iPad app has a cost. The iPad app has an on-screen mouse that you use to do fine work & right-click.


I just tried air display. it's a little weird at first because it's actually an extension of your monitor. But once you fit the windows in the right spots it's actually pretty good. Almost no latency.
Much better feel than desktop connect. I think most of the VNC based remote application are similar in function. Not the best latency but still usable.
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