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iPad as MIDI controller help needed.


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I control lights, Axe, fog, X32 mixer via Macbook with a program called Showbuddy. It fires program change via a Mio USB to MIDI DIN cables. I am experiementing with my older iPad. It has the 30 pin connector. I used TouchOSC to make a couple pages of buttons to simply trigger the presets on these devices. Axe, X32, DMXIS and VoiceLive 2.

I am having fits trying to get the iPad to get these messages to these devices. I tried TouchOSC Bridge and via a MIDI Monitor I could see the Touch app fire the messages. I also tried the MIDI studio functions on both my iMac and Macbook and neither would connect to the iPad. My patches aren't changing. Also... is it possible to have 2 devices simultaneously sending MIDI messages? I want Showbuddy to be my automatic controller and iPad to be a manual controller.

Any guidance available would be greatly appreciated.


Do you see your midi messages go out of the USB MIDI device? Can you set a midi output in the bridge?
In midi monitor, spy on the output, one at a time.

I use midi over wifi to my Mac from an Android tablet, so not the same but close. I had to go through a few steps to get ax8, DMXIS, bandhelper integration going from my tablet.


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I don't think the messages are leaving my iMac but I will test the interface directly with my MIDI tester. Thanks
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