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Invitation to Purchase XL


Just my luck. After realizing, possibly incorrectly that the first time I put myself on wait list I wasn't really on it. I wound up snagging an XL on ebay for $3,000 thinking my wait may have been two months or more. Got an invite last night, lol. Oh well, bought a second one. After seeing how the XL and normal II offset user IRs and how you can move patches from II to XL but not from XL to II, it is probably best to just use two XLs. Having extra X/Y effects and 512 presets also may come in handy some day.

I guess that means I bring my Axe FX II MK I to Brasil on my next trip. Can likely sell it for $3,000 easily down there.

Even worse luck. The first XL is waiting for me in Miami and I get to Miami sunday morning. I was planning on picking it up early monday before flying home. Monday is a holiday and the UPS store is closed!!! GRRRRRRR. . . .. So the XL will be sitting in Miami 4-5 more days before I get my grubby mitts on them. I will only have Fri, Sat and Sunday to mess with it before flying out for two weeks again.


Still not got mine!

I'm having an unlucky moment in my life! Although most of it is out of my hands because I live in Saudi Arabia where the import rules are a tad strict!

Patience dude... Hmm!

Finally.. I should have my XL tomorrow!

tap tap tap......
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