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Tried to get somewhat close to the Live at Budokan tone...just played through the whole thing, and there some parts I'm not able to do so it's kinda sloppy at times :D Found a cool backing track online without the guitar track. Tweaked and played through headphones so i may sound like shait on your end...

Instrumedley.mp3 - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

Soundcloud not working again...


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I think U have great tone there!
Sounds so good that it could be the original, sure there is those sloppy parts but also very good playing too.
What pups you use?
And can I try that patch?


I wouldn't say the playing is sloppy considering how difficult DT is to play. Quite impressive & great job on the tone. PLEASE post the patch!


Yep, patch please :)
And with "sloppy" I mean that I´m sure he can play it better if put some more focus on it... skills are there for sure!
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