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Inserting External Audio in the signal chain

What is the best way for me to inject an external audio source(ipad) into the AX8 so both my guitar and iPad audio come out the main L&R?

I tried the effects loop block and that seems to work well. Just wondering if the is a better or different way to avoid using the effects loop block.



The Effects Loop (FXL) is the only way, because the AX8 doesn't support USB Audio.


If you are using both Inserts than all signals will be stereo after this block. For what you have in mind, I would place the FXL-block directly in front of the output. Depending what you want, you can then use two out Mixers to put one signal left, one right (needs two connections to the Output), or one directly with panning set to center. This should do the deal, please correct me if I am wrong.
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