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Insert rather than swap

Brand new Axe FX 3 / FC 12 user here. Amazed and loving it! I am learning my way around and am finding most things really intuitive (with a little help from the manuals and YouTube).

I am starting to order my presets and I am not finding a way to drag or paste a preset (or preset group) into the list without swapping for the preset(s) at the target location. Basic I know but I am not finding it. If there is a good "basics of Axe Edit" resource out there I would love be pointed to it.



Power User
Copy/Cut and Paste overwrites existing preset(s) for me in Tools>Manage Presets, either in groups or single presets.
Drag-n-drop does swap the presets here as well, a feature I'd rather see kept as-is.
Yes, I have a few groups of 10 (for the FC 12) that I have set up using the first empty presets. I would like to move those to be my first groups but I would like to keep the rest of the list as is. That seems like it would be the most typical type of move but I am not finding it.
When I was back there in seminary school,we once had an editor from a member that could insert and subsequently reorder presets.Axe Edit has never had this implemented.
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