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Wish Input options for DualDelay (for Delay Block) - quadro delay for 4canals


Me wish is to add posibility of choice input options for DualDelay Block (or mayby for all Delay Block's):
- stereo (both canals) - this is avaliable now
- use only input canal L
- use only input canal R
(like we have now in Volume/Pan Block). Everything else without change.

Separation settings of length of delay line and time of canal's'delay (now length of delay line = time of delay; me alternative wish: length of delay line is set separatly - for example 1000ms, and time of delay we can set form 1 to "length_of_delay_line"). In this case input options from first wish is not nesessery.

Why? It's nessesery to get quadro delays (delay for 4canal signal = 2xfront + 2xrear using both Out1 and Out2 outs). Its now to simulate using Volume/Pan block (to using inputs option of this block), but its wasting Volume/Pan Block functionality (and CPU).

I have (if nessesery) preset to showing 4canal (quadro) delay using 2xDualDelayBlocks, but its "wasting" Volume/Pan to choice input canal.
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