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Initializing And Adding Blocks in FM9-Edit


Fractal Fanatic
I've been working on new presets for the FM9 and tweaking a few blocks here and there.

When adding new blocks to a fresh preset is it possible to have the entire block completely initialized and across all channels and all scene bypass/channel assignments as well?

I'm having to specifically reset Channel A after adding a block, and copying that channel to B, C, and D to ensure everything is getting completely initialized and zero'ed correctly.

For example, if I'm adding, say an AMP block, it's BMT/Gain/Master, etc controls are showing the edits from a previous edit from another preset and not defaulting. This is across all channels for pretty much all the block types I've been tweaking I'm finding.

As well, Scene bypass states and Channel selections are also reflecting edits from previous blocks.

All of this is necessitating that I manually reset each channel, then manually reset the Scene bypass states and Channel assignments to be sure everything is clean.

I've made a clean, initialized template I can use to deploy my standard, new presets from but new, unique ones via "Quick Build" require a lot of manual re-initialization across all blocks/scenes to be sure all is defaulted correctly.

The tools in FM9-Edit make those edits pretty efficient, and easy, but if I didn't have to do that it would be fantastic.

It would be nice to be able to:
  • have the ability to "Reset Entire Block" as opposed to just the channel
  • and/or, when adding a new block/instance, that block is completely zero-ed out and scenes bypass states/channels all reset to a consistent state
Is there something I've completely overlooked here?

Greg Ferguson

I use the Scene Manager for a lot of my bulk adjustments. It makes it easy to set blocks to a single channel or to patterns, like A,B,C,D,A,B,C,D or A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D, to enable/disable in bulk, reorder and clear scenes. We can't reset blocks inside there, but that'd be a useful option.
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