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Infinity Looper format larger SD card


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Anyone here successfully format a larger SD card for their Infinity Looper?

I e-mailed support a week ago and never received a reply. The directions given on a thread on The Gear Page are incomplete, and the LooperImage.img file can't be downloaded.

Pretty frustrating.

I can work the command line on my Mac, and have the right card, so I'm ready to go.


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Hmm... based on what I reading on The Gear Page, I had to do something special to format the new card.

What did you do?

And thank you!!! Thank you for replying.

I'm really disappointed that someone from Pigtronix never replied, even though I know they're swamped. They are, after all, a small company like FAS.


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Okay, cool. I'll power it up and see what happens.

When I accessed the drive, there were no folders like there are on the original card.


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Oh man! Really? lol

I'll give that a shot right now.

(face palm! Why didn't I think of that?)

There were multiple warnings in the directions on that TGP thread that sounded scary!
Figured it out.
Hi all. Just updated my card on my looper as well. I did copy the files to my SD card and I got the app running. So I guess I am ok. But I have a feeling that my card is very slow. So I wonder, did you find a way to format the card on a MAC or did you just copy the files to the new card and went on?

I did get the following instructions from Pigronix. But I am a MAC user. So I guess I wonder if I still should do this, or since my app is working I am good to go. Will it be faster if I do this on a PC?


From Pigtronix:

  • Click on the File icon highlighted in the above picture, this will open a File Dialog so that you can select the LooperImage.img file downloaded in the previous step. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the LooperImage.img file (likely in your Downloads folder).

  • Select LooperImage.img and click Open.
  • Now find the Drive letter for the Infinity drive on your computer. Below is an image that shows the drive letter to be "G" It may be different on your computer and may change depending on how many USB drives you have connected to your computer.

  • Win32 Disk Imager will now have the path to the LooperImage.img filled into the "Image File" text box:

  • Select the Drive letter for the Infinity from the "Device" drop-down box. Here that letter is "G" and it is the only one in the list. This may be different on your computer.
  • At this point, double and triple check the drive letter you found. If you choose the incorrect drive letter you will erase and possibly damage any attached USB Hard Drives or Disks.
  • Once you are sure that you've selected the correct img file and the correct Drive Letter, click "Write." A warning box will appear asking you to make sure that you wish to write to the selected Drive. If you have selected the correct drive, select "Yes."

  • After clicking "Yes" Win32 Disk Imager will display it's progress.
Disconnect the Infinity from the computer and power cycle the unit to leave USB mode.


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Oddly enough, after I went about trying to format my SD card in my iMac, the card slot no longer reads any card. It's strange, and pretty frustrating. That doesn't help you, but I was able to do it.

This is what they sent to me:
"Please replace the stock 8GB card with your new 32GB card. In order to do this, open the back of the Infinity with a Philips head screw driver and simply remove the SD card and put in the new one. In order to remove the SD card please place your thumb over the entire silver casing and slide it to the left (toward the input jacks), then lift up the entire card and housing. Then place the new card, and make sure that it is seated properly.

Download and install the latest version of the application. When you run it, it will see that there are no connected Infinity's and then scan your computer to see if there is one with an un-formatted SD Card. A pop-up will then appear, select the SD Card you want to format from the list and click Reformat. You'll have to input your computers password twice and then the Infinity will begin reformatting which can take ~5 minutes.

Two caveats: 1) The Name of the SD Card cannot have any spaces in it. 2) The SD Card must be in the Infinity for this process. Place the SD Card into the Infinity, then connect the Infinity to your computer using the USB Cable. Then run the application.


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