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Indispensable accessories


This is the review saying that you can dent your fretboard if you are not careful with the Stretcha. Maybe he is a brute

The tensile strength, density and strength to weight of epoxy (Stretcha) and ABS (3D printer material) is not very different. I don't think that it would break.

The cheapest one I've found that ships to Thailand (from Ebay Japan) is $40.97 inc shiping. I'll start with the design during the spare time at the office. There is no rush, just for fun. In the meantime, I'll keep doing like @Joe Bfstplk but without breaking the strings :D
His related quotes. I added the bold ;)

Could dent your fretboard if you’re reckless with it
  • Potential to contact fretboard. While stretching guitar strings with the Stretcha, the leading tip could contact your fretboard if you’re careless. You have to be especially mindful as you get near the nut, where string pressure really pulls the Stretcha downward.


That was going to be my contribution. Great, super useful tool!

Was also going to mention the Stewart MacDonald tell tremolo spring tool... But apparently they no longer sell the one I have.

And the Ibanez EJK1000 intonation tool for Edge trems... After so many years with no such option!

Also, my VAFAM front of rack panel...
I second the recommendation of the Ibanez EJK1000. It works perfectly on my Gotoh Floyd Rose bridge on my Suhr.

Also check out the LMI digital string height gauge. It makes it easy to document and reproduce string action measurements with precision.


Nobody mentioned duct tape so far. ..
Beside my set of normal small tools (screwdrivers, guitar multitool etc) I always have a soldering iron with me. “ fool me once....”

Oh, and an old guitar strap in case I forget (again)..

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