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Wish Increase the time range of the DAMPING parameter


I'm using the hold function in a delay block in order to achieve a decay time period that exceeds the normal volume strength and duration time that trails can be heard after bypassing the delay. I am decaying the trails to zero output by engaging another scene using the damping parameter of the advanced modifier parameters in a volume block. Damping currently has a maximum value of 1 second. While my application may not have been the original intent of its design, a 10 second range would be nice for the particular application I'm currently using it in. Even longer times might be of value in other scenarios.
I know this particular task could be done using an external controller, but using the damping parameter off loads the task from the player's plate, ensures consistent rate change from one performance to another and allows the use of the other advanced modifier parameters in a way that might otherwise be difficult to impossible.
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Expanding the internal controllers may be much more difficult than expected, and come with high compatibility risks. Also, FAS may want to keep some things under the sleeve for the next gen of devices. BTW I'm just speculating.
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