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In MAC Audio Midi setup only 3 ins and 2 outs??


Hi, I need to check something with you all.

I use a MAC running OSX 10.12.5 Sierra. In the Audio Midi Setup app I seem to remember that the Axe FX 2 XL used to show 4 inputs and 2 outs. Now I am only seeing 3 ins and 2 outputs. Now maybe I am incorrect but I think there should be four ins 1,2,3,4. 1 and 2 the stereo wet signal over usb and 3,4 the dry.

Am I correct? I only see 3 ins now. Maybe this has been an update or something as the guitar input is mono anyway I guess.

Any ideas??



You never guess what was causing this.

A bloody USB splitter or hub thingy.

ProTools was crashing too and machine was acting slow overall.

I realized I had plugged one of trhese I had around in as I needed more usb connections.

So there you are, sorted.

Just goes to show even something like that can throw the whole shooting match up in the air and have you pulling your hair out!

Glad it sorted, I'm away to a gig now knowing my system is working as it should again.

Thanks guys.
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