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In ear monitoring system recomendations


Hi, looking at IEM systems, and since I'm skint , was looking at the gear 4 music system for £80 transmitter and receiver combined.
Has anybody tried this gear yet ?
Is there any other recomendations ?
Is there something I may regret buying so cheap later , only plan to use in a single room to cut down on wires trying to trip me up , but need reasonable sound quality to compliment my FM3 and have headphone capability.

G :)


I cheapen once for a wireless system and it was just a frustrating pile of poo...
My advice would be to aim for something sturdy and having good reviews.
I personnally bought the LD systems MEI1000G2 that works great, even if it's not wifi but old style radio freqs.
There is the MEI100G2 for cheaper that has less bass and treble, but it's still leagues better than the gear4music.
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