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In AX8 amp block X/Y problem???


Hi all,

In the AX8 edit shouldn't I be able to assign a different amp type or library patch to both the X and Y state of the amp block?

I am making a patch and what is happening is in the X state l am using a VOX AC30 amp. When I click to the Y state and select a USA clean type, the amp block then reverts back to the X state but now with the Y state amp type now loaded in the X state slot??

I think this should not be happening??



Think I have it figured.......... The block library preset contains the X and Y state info as well, am I correct? Can blocks library presets be deleted, if so where do I find them on a MAC?


Sorted, I needed to right click the block in the grid itself, go to library and delete.

Okey Dokey:)


Fractal Fanatic
Yeah, .blk files have both the X and Y state for the block. If you have a bunch to get rid of, right click the "+" next to the block library and select show folder. Delete the .blk files you no longer want, then close and reopen the editor.
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