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improvements on the pitch block/virtual capo latency over the FM3?

Excited about the FM9!

Was wondering if the pitch block has been improved, specifically regarding the virtual capo. I've been dreaming of a digitech drop tune-esque feature with equal or better (less) latency in a fractal product so I don't have to bring 2+ guitars for every gig and I haven't been able to find any posts about this except for some mentioning Eb, but I usually tune down to either 1 or 2 whole steps.

Also being able to use 2 pitch blocks (with very different settings/modes) in a preset would be awesome!

Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated!
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I really hope this gets done. The FM3 has the same pending answer from Fractal for a looooong time.
This is the reason my FC6 got replaced with a HXEffects...
I waitlisted for a FM9 cause I'd like the added horsepower, but I'd like to not have the HXFX in the mix as that would be too large of a board.

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