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I'm changing the setup, i need some advice for using real amp.


Definitevely, and after 5 years between Axe FX2 and now the AX8, i prefer a real amp for the lead.
The idea is : My Carol Ann OD3R- Torpedo Captor - and enter in the AX8 for using CAB and Effect.
But the question is: what is the best input after the Torpedo ? The instrument input or using the return of the effect loop and create a FX loop block ?
I tried also to put the AX8 in front of the amp for using WAh, drive, etc.... but too much "hum" and the amp loose clarity.
The Carol Ann OD3R is a killer, and i don't find the same sensation when i'm using the AX8.
Thank you in advance.


It's for recording in studio, not using this setup for live.
An another solution will be to put the AX8 in insert in Pro Tools....
Depends on what the torpedo outputs. If its line level then I would think you'd want to use the FX-Loop return. I'm not sure off the top of my head if the main input has any sort of sensing or other capability to easily accept anything other than an instrument level signal.

I'm just surprised that you prefer an amp through a torpedo and back through the ax8 for IR's to just using an inbuilt amp block. I fully understand playing through a real amp and cab, thats what I do, but I don't hear any advantage to a real amp once you eliminate the real cab. Whatever works for you, just doesn't seem worth it to me outside of a live setting.


New here
I currently have a similar setup but with a Fryette Power station 2 in passive mode instead of the Torpedo captor. I also have some pedals running in stereo between the Power station line out and the left/right FX return inputs on the Axe-Fx.

The full signal chain is: Pedals > Amp > Fryette Power Station 2 (passive mode) > Stereo pedals > Axe-Fx II XL FX return > Stero cab block > External mixer > Studio monitors

I used the Axe-Fx only for a couple of years but then I got a real tube amp again and now I prefer this setup. I still use the Axe-Fx amp models though, but it is less frequent. I doubt I would be able to tell a difference in a live setting but I only play at home. If I actually were playing live I would just use an AX8.


Oh,Thank you so much for the reply.
I'm waiting the Torpedo, probably tomorrow.
Yes the Torpedo have a Balanced line output and a balanced active DI output.
With the Torpedo i can have both of the best. and i can utilise a Real Cab too (speaker thru output) if i need it.
All the fractal product are great, and the AX8 is perhaps the best.
But for me, there are too parameters to obtain "the sound i like". I have a real Carol Ann OD3R, and honestly, i never found the same sensation with the AX8 ou the AXE FX2.
I hope that the problem will be resolve with the Torpedo. I just need a good Cab simulation, but also the very great effect in the AX8 (Delay, Chorus, Phaser, etc...).
I think that in Live , the AX8 is enough, and very easy. But in studio recording, i'm sorry but it lack some sensations, especially when your compositions(recording) is around the lead guitar.
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