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I'm bored


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Like a little kid ... I'm Bored...
But you've got your legos...you've got your bike... youve got the pool...
Yeah - But I'm Bored!!!

I'm sitting in my studio.... and I pick up a gutar and feel like I can't play it...Holy shit.

Anybody need any harmonies sung?... I need some external tasks I think 'cause in here 'aint cutting it.



I hear ya.

Just bought a new (Native Instruments S49) keyboard plus the Komplete 12 package in the big June sale. Time to learn some more keys/piano skills and findways to integrate more soundscapes/vintage keys in my music...

Also see if Studio Drummer Is better that LogicPro’s virtual drummer...

next step: find a nice online course and do the work...


EDIT: I agree with the Learn new stuff suggestions. That always works for me and turns out to be very beneficial too!
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If you think you can't play realize that neither could Kurt Cobain, or the Beatles, and they wrote some killer music. Being technically a good musician helps, but it is not required to write good music. For that you need to actually write music, which I think is preferable to wrestling with new software or other new stuff, which I think distracts more then it helps. You got to write. Maybe 99% of it will be trash, but that 1% might make it all worthwhile, and if you wait for inspiration to happen you might have to wait forever. Make your own inspiration.


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Try and learn something outside of your comfort zone. It can be a new technique, learning some new theory, playing slide etc. I suckled at one note per string alternate picking, now I play several hours a day and have for over a year. It turned out that doing bluegrass and Steve Morse pieces are challenging (duh), but also rewarding and a lot of fun.


Try playing a classical piece with the electric. It is a challenge, discipline and endless entertainment.

Now I am with Chopin Nocturne n.20 in C sharp minor. I use a clean tone and I am playing the part of the piano right hand. First it seemed easy, but it is not so easy for me.
Challenge 1: memorize the notes and be faithful to the original composition. Challenge 2: learn to accurately play the trills (not by tapping, but by picking or fingering) and the fast runs. Challenge 3: play with expression. Challenge 4: record your version on DAW (I've found a MIDI with the piano left/right hands on separate tracks, so I can mute the right hand). Challenge 5: do not shred. Challenge 6: do not shred. Challenge 7: do not shred.
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