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III = Djent Machine


Fractal Fanatic
too late got a million to make this for them



It used to be in the middle finger.

But now rock and roll is dead, so I’m not sure anymore.

This got me too!

Axe-Fx III ARES Fw 6 request - new cable block with controls for capacitance and cable colour.


Power User
@2112 rockin power djent! Next: no cable. Make sure you get the sound of no cable in the room.

Not to disappoint you, but you're roughly 8 years too late with that idea:

Proves everything has already been done before (probably many times).

Now you need to hook up your FC-6 or an expression pedal to the frequency of the synth, or add a pitch block, and then you'll be kicking ass.

Brilliant. Especially with no cables at all.


Fractal Fanatic
Not to disappoint you, but you're at least 8 years too late with that idea. If you want to refine your cable playing style, David Maxim Micic of Bilo fame shows off some advanced techniques here:

The nose at the end is next level
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