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If there was no Fractal Audio, what would your rig be?


If all the Standards, Ultras, ands II's suddenly disappeared, and Cliff said
"I'm not going thru that again!" what would you do for a rig?

For me, the Fractal experience has permanently changed me.
I'd definitely keep my EVM 12L Classic cabs. They are just superb in
every situation. I'd probably keep my new Matrix GT800. It also
seems to sound great in every situation (PA, FRFR, MP3's, even
cheap mass-market rack preamps).

I'd probably get an Egnater M4. They sound great, you get 4 MIDI
switchable preamp modules at a time. Plus they have alot of
modules to experiment with. Then an Eventide Eclipse for FX.

What would your Fractal-apocalypse rig be?
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I'd go the total opposite of the AxeFx, and get a versatile single channel head, like a Fortin Bones, and a nice cab and call it a day. Maybe a boost pedal too. :)


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Shur's latest PT-100 / Faustine Phantom Attenuator / Two-Notes Eng. The Torpedo VB-101 / 1960AX w/Tone Doctor LLC custom Power Soak & Speaker Switching System ....

Then for effects ... ? I'd have to re-buy the Lexicon PCM / Rockton Intelliverb & something else ( not really sure ) ....


Mesa Boogie Mark V into two Recto 4x12 cabs, RJM RG-16, Decimator Prorack G, a bunch of overdrive pedals, and a T.C. Electronic G-System.

Oh yeah, that's what I sold when I got my Ultra...


I'll bet most of us would go right back to tubes.
Testament to how unique Cliff's products are that
they can lure and seduce tube snobs (like me) away
from our long-time muse.


I'd go back to a single channel nmv amp (most likely a Morgan dual ac20) and some pedals. Worked great before I drank the proverbial koolaid


11 rack, pedal board, eventide h8000.

Man there is just nothing that fits my requirements better than an Axe-fx. It is just about about perfect for me!
I really hadn't realized how true that is until recently.


I'd go back to the rig I sold after I got my Ultra: CAE 3+SE ->Intelliverb -> Mesa 2:90 -> 2xBognerOS 2x12

I ran my CAE 3+SE right next to the Ultra and even direct into my computer and couldn't tell the difference. I knew then I was sold.


I'd be back to a manageable tube combo and pedalboard I guess. When I need to go direct I would load it down and run it through a speaker sim DI (silent stages or gigs too big for the combo). This worked well for me before the Axe-FX, and I could easily go back to it.

I still vastly prefer the Axe-FX, so I'm glad this situation isn't a reality. It's great having one rig that handles all gigs no matter how big or small they are all with relative ease. That, and my sound can be the same at all of them. It only changes if I want it to.



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Probably the 11R. Its doing a decent job for now, but as much as I want to try to like it there is a limit as to how far it gets me where I want to be at the end of the day. I think that if I had never owned an AxeFX I'd be a lot happier with it.

2 weeks with it and I actually went like 3 days straight without playing and had to kind of force myself to turn it on today. Had some fun, but it's such a PITA to use compared to having a fully configured AxeFX Ultra.

I actually had to rewire a bunch of crap to get the foot controller to work semi-decent. I put a button under one of the expression pedals and wired it up to one of the buttons on the board just so that I can have 'auto-engage' for the wah pedal.

It sounds good and it works....but the difference between good and amazing is there and no matter how much I try to convince myself it's good enough I am not falling for it. :razz
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