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If a used FM 3 has the headphone jack can I assume it's also has the Cygnus OS?

Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
I'll pick up a clean zip drive to save to as well.
I back up to an external disk, then run a script that zips the files for that backup into an archive. That backup folder is watched by Google Drive, so its contents get mirrored to the cloud. If I lose the external drive I've still got backups.

I periodically cull old backups from the external drive's backup folder and keep ones that are significant, like the one just prior to a firmware change, and the one immediately after. I'm careful to lock and color code the ones just prior and afterward to make it easy to know which I want to keep.


Don't waste money on paid presets until you (a) see how you like the stock presets (hint: they're fantastic and usable out of the box with Fractal gear) and (b) build a few presets of your own.

I'm not suggesting AB's presets in particular are a waste of money if you need them for some particular reason, but I think you'll find that either way, you're gonna have to do some tweaking so there's no sense in spending money. Wait until you're more familiar with your own deficiencies when it comes to building presets; then ask around here for tips. Then, if all else fails and you just can't make a decent preset to save your life, then you might look into paid presets. In the end, though, don't let some rando on the web (me) tell you what to do with your money lol
Very well stated.

One of the main benefits of moving to FAS for me has been the overall money saved on other gear. FAS is now the yardstick. “Is this delay pedal something I can’t replicate in Edit? Probably not.” $300-$500 saved. Repeat.

Guitar players want new shiny things but explore the unit for a few hundred hours before spending on presets or external gear. The stock Cabs (including the York Audio which I have always been a fan of) are amazing and I haven’t personally felt the need to add any third party IRs.
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