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FS IEC to Powercon cable, GLS Ethercon cable, Fostex T50RP MKIII headphones


Hello! Selling a couple of things I no longer need...

Powercon power cable (10 feet, input)

Bought this from amazon but not using it anymore. Went back to regular IECs...

More info and details:

$20 shipped

GLS Audio Ethercon cable (20 feet)

Bought this from GLS but not using it anymore. Went back to regular midi...

More info and details:

$20 shipped

Fostex T50RP MKIII with upgraded Alcantara ear pads (don't have original ear pads)

Bought these to mod but could not find an economic solution for amplifying to the volume I needed and don’t really want to invest in a more expensive headphone amp. Didn't mod at all.

Includes hard case and original cable, but no retail packaging.

$100 shipped


Heatware.com and eBay feedback under RomanMtz
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