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Ibanez LF-7 LO-FI Pedal equivalent?


Hey Guys,

Is there an Ibanez LF-7 LO-FI Pedal in the Axe-ii? Or is there an equivalent?



The Drive block also has bit reduction and sample rate reduction controls to make it sound choked and glitchy too it you want.


Would you mind sharing what you did? I have been trying to get this sound as well. Thanks Joe

Hopefully this helps mate.. I was using it in 4CM, so I was using my actual amp as my core tone/sound, however, whilst using scenes, I used an amp sim on scene 2, and just messed around with the EQ settings of the amp (on the EQ tab, not on the actual amp on Axe edit). I flattened some of the EQ and increased the other to give it that 'lo-fi' sound, and it actually worked really really well..

As I said, I hope this helps..
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