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Ibanez KIKO100 or J-Custom RG8570Z?


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Now that I have a buyer for my Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HSS I've got these two used guitars under my radar. Both selling around $1,500

Some differences:

KIKO100 / J-Custom
S-Series / RG-Series
Mahogany & Maple top / Alder & AAA Maple top & Binding
Edge / Edge Zero w ZPS3
Kiko Ceramic-Alnico-Ceramic / ToneZone-TrueVelvet-AirNorton
Push-pull coil split / no coil-split
Price new (in Bangkok): $3,000 / $3,500
Looks quite good / hardware a bit worn out, some dents
Both necks are quite similar, except for the scallop from 19 to 24 at the KIKO

I like the aesthetics of the J-Custom, but I gravitate towards the KIKO for these reasons: scallop, S-series shape, coil-split, and I could have the opportunity to test before buying, while the J-Custom is at another province.

Which one would you choose?

p.s.: I had to Google to find out who is Kiko. I've never been into Megadeth, but I share his taste for building a custom guitar.

This doesn't sound bad:
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KIKO100 sold. I was going to pull the trigger 😭

The problem with the J-Custom is that it is in another province. Although he seems to be a reputable seller with a small online shop, I would have to trust him to check things like dead notes for me
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J custom only because i hate play someone s else guitar.. People expect you play like the signature s name
That is one of the reasons why I sold the JEM7VWH. The KIKO100 is signature-discrete, though. But it is out of the equation now, so I'll go for the J-Custom when I sell the Charvel


I've had many J-Customs over the years but I would take the Kiko. Really like the design and features on that guitar.


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😭😭😭 I have been too slow 😭😭😭
But I must sell my Charvel ProMod first. I have already lowered the price to $750 with no luck, and I keep lowering it every day.

End of this quest. I will not re-open the GAS valve until I sell the Charvel
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