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IA Switches Initial State



tldr: lights don't change state when changing presets (MIDI, no Axe-FX).

I have just started reprogramming my MFC-101 for controlling midi gear (I don't own an Axe FX) and can't get the Initial state of the switches to be "on" with the led lit up. I'm using MFC-Edit and regardless of how I set the switches on the "Presets and Ext. Devs" tab they won't light on the board when I change presets. When I turn on an effect and then change presets the light will stay lit (I'd like them to go off to match the state of the effect). Please help.
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I think once you change presets, you can step on the IA(s) you want on/off and then the "edit" switch will be blinking. Step on that to save your IA states.


I use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to change presets, the MFC is set so that all the buttons are IA switches. The edit button does not blink when I step on an IA switch, it just turns the effect on or off.
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