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Wish I wish I could set the I/O input - Instrument in on a per preset basis!


I use a lot of guitars at a show.

It would be nice to be able to set the instrument in in the I/O and save it per preset or at least per bank.

I have to manually change this when I change guitars.

I read in a fractal forum that you just set it so it does not clip the input meters very often with the hottest output guitar you use but my problem is this varies a lot with vintage to modern guitars, pickup height, single coil to very hot output modern humbucker.

For example, I have a Gibson Flying V 3 pickup model set fairly high - high output but not set too high to have too much pull on the strings, but I also have an old strat with weedy enough vintage single coils. There is a big difference in output levels from both these. If I were to use one after the other in a show (and I do), I adjust the Instrument in in the I/O for best results.
I could go the route of some form of level balancing device before the Axe FX 2 XL input but it would only possibly enter noise or some such. I know some of the line 6 wireless gear is designed with this problem addressed. But, I think it should be added to a future update. I use various acoustics also - all with different signal strengths. Acoustic gig alone I use 5 different guitars all different outputs.


UPDATE: I emailed Jochen at G66 and he replied stating you just need to set this for your hottest guitar and that it is more or less set and forget................. So, no need for it to be on a cc or anything.


You can adjust the Level in the Input Block per preset for your weaker guitars. Then use presets specifically for those; perhaps duplicate things into different banks and only adjust that Level parameter.

Best to set the I/O input level as suggested above.


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I sort of deal with this as well. My solution for different guitars is to set a cc to the input trim in the amp block. I only use two guitars so it's just a little boost to the input trim for my strat. Works decently for me.
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