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I use studio monitors all the time


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Really? You'd point one woofer at the table/stand surface and the other straight up.

Yep, like this:

It's not me on the photo, just some random guy on the internet. :)

EG 2006

This is a myth. I can't think of a single large-scale manufacturer of loudspeakers that designs, calibrates, and specifies their speakers after a burn-in period. There are no given specifications given for "Pre-burn in" and "Post-burn in".

There is minimal change. We get used to it and call that change 'better', even when we can't accurately define what has changed beyond the use of vague fuzzy words like 'tighter', 'warm', 'looser', etc.
I have Adam A7's and trusted their professional/written advice with respect to "settling in time".


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That's cool. I've only worked for audio manufacturers, in that industry, for more than 25 years.
But how good are you? :D Just because someone's been in an industry for extended period of time doesn't automatically make them an expert. ;)


Use three-way speakers in studio and you are cursed forever to hear how badly you mixed the mid-range with the two-way speakers.
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