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I think it's time..

Discussion in 'Axe-Fx III Reviews' started by poeticprizm, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. poeticprizm

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    Jan 14, 2015
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    to consider selling all my gear (and I have too much of it anyway). Except the AXE 3 of course.

    Here's my personal experience: I'm not a professional and play mostly for fun.
    While the XL and AX8 sounded pretty good, and were certainly good enough for small jam sessions and occasional recording, I always felt there was something missing. Tweaked every parameter that was supposed to help, bought Matrix GT1000 for the "amp in the room" feel, Atomic CLR for the FRFR feel, bought CAB packs - tried everything but was never satisfied with the tone. I found myself always going back to my Friedman HBE tube amp for that pure guitar joy.

    On a sheer whim I bought the AXE3 during the sale a couple of weeks ago. Initial reaction out of the box: "hmm this sounds better than previous products". A couple of weeks later - I'm about ready to sell all my other gear. I might still keep my Friedman just because it's such a monster amp. For those on the fence about AXE 3 - don't even think about it - this is the real deal. This is the easily the best product Fractal has made thus far.

    Thanks to @2112 who introduced me to the Atomica High model - this is now my go-to amp model along with the Friedman HBE V1 model. I've now set up my practice space to be stereo and I'm in guitar heaven. I can't wait to go back home everyday after work and play for hours. Hats off to Fractal - looking forward to even more improvements!

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