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I read about the Axe-Fx II more than I play it :-(

Mee tooo! Cant wait to get some down time to really get a feel for it. I have done 3 gigs with it but have not really had enough time to really dig in.
Gigs went great with great comments on sound quality. I am keeping it simple by using directly to FRFR monitor and IEM for myself.

Good luck getting some AXE TIME!


Thanks! You too! Funny we're talking about not being able to play our Axe-Fx instead of not being able to play our GUITAR. That's just how cool it is I guess. j


HAHAHA! Yes, the family comes first in my world too -- but lately I've figured out if I make it a point to get to the set up after everyone is asleep, & just play instead of tweak, I now get more playing time in --also, set it up so you have jam tracks in the mix, you'll be tired in the am, but will have reached the "other side" btw thinking about playing, & playing.
Just do it.


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same boat.. come here inbetween coding, go home eat, code more, little tv bed :( should get better here shortly.


Yep, same here. I make time to play (through headphones) once the kids are off to sleep, but the amount of times I've played it balls to wall loud in the last month I could count on one hand. To the guy actually playing gigs, lucky you! :D



Yes me too. I have my own company and I'm working like a dog to keep it going in the current climate. Too tired and mentally drained when I get home to pick up a guitar. Surely things have to get better soon?


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A pain I know all too well. Not enough time and even when I do have some time lately I've been too depressed to even bother playing guitar. Hopefully these new meds will help out.

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Same! With work, and a baby here in 3 months - life "gets in the way" so to speak. This weekend...no excuses!! Hahah


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I get about 4-6 hours a week to actually play (no real time to tweak other than set to default and see what I get) since we practice twice a week, but I'm always checking for the latest threads in case I miss a new firmware update! I haven't had time to record anything... :(


40 hrs sucks

A pain I know all too well. Not enough time and even when I do have some time lately I've been too depressed to even bother playing guitar. Hopefully these new meds will help out.

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You wanna share some of those meds? :p

By the time I get my kid to sleep if I can find a half hour to tweak/play I'm lucky.

The American work week needs to go to 35 hours. This 40 hrs is B.S. Most people could get done in 35 hours what they get done in 40 if they were allowed to, and we could all have more play time. I'd even take a cut in pay and they could hire more people and reduce unemployment with a 35 hour work week.


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I am in a tuff place. I play my axe at a min twice a week but it is just in the live, gig environment. I never have any time to tweak or explore or just jam.


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Where was the Axe Fx when I was in my 20's and had all the free time in the world?? I'm convinced I would be a much better guitar player today if I had an Axe Fx back then. Now at 40 with a 3 year old and an attention-craving wife, I'm lucky if I get 20 minutes of play time a night. Sometimes I wish I was single! :)


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I also have 2,5 years old..... But instead of playing I most of the time ( when he is asleaping ...... and my wife....thanks good..:)) do the tweacking. For me it is, a lot of effort for small progres in sound . I think we are all in mid 30, so ROCK onn. and keep your wifes and children asleap. ( Sory for my bad english, I am old scholl rock.....neard)


Yep - same here. My problem is that I play a little then realize that I don't really know how to get the tone I want yet, so I read, read, read hoping the truth is out there.....
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