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I Phone


Moe: What are ya gonna do with that? Curly: Paint the cracks. :D


@Geezerjohn Now it's a thread! ;)


Love my iPhone. You can set various ringtones to various functions. So I assigned duck quacks to incoming text messages. Now, when I get a text I can say “RELEASE The QUACKIN”.

Love it. Gets a giggle every time.
I call FOWL on that!!
Can you DUCK the tone?
If you lose it, is your GOOSE cooked and you have to WING it ?


A friend of mine has the Darth Vader tone assigned to his ex wife...so he knows evil is at the end of the line.

I assigned the 'Alarm' ringtone to my Ex (sounds like a submarine sounding 'dive! dive!') Thus I am properly annoyed when I answer it.


Fractal Fanatic
I made a BUNCH of ring tones and assign them to friends, associates or people I want to avoid. They all have some logical, personal significance for me.
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