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I/O Compromise for Single coil and Humbucker guitars

Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
OK, so now that I have the new Strat in hand, I want to integrate it with my rig. My I/O is usually set to 50%-ish for my CU24, but i've currently got it at 80% to get the Input fader peaking at 85-90%. This is too hot for a humbucker, so whats the best way around this problem? Unless Cliff fancies making a switchable A/D Input level in the next firmware?

Pretty please?

Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
Probably use a clean boost of some description. But I thought the idea was to get the input lights tickling red?


I switch between an EJ strat and a 2013 LP standard.

I could never tickle the red with the strat so prior to getting the LP the Instr-In was always 100%.

With the LP I have it at 75.3. I used to just flip back and forth between that and 100% when I changed instruments.. now I just leave it at 75.3. I can't hear a difference.

I would just try set it to the max for your highest output instrument and leave it there.. then just try it.. you may not need to do anything else unless you have a lot of background hum/noise. My understanding is, that is all it affects.

BTW, love that sig..



Fractal Audio Systems
You don't HAVE to tickle the reds. Adjust for your hottest guitar and leave it.


Fractal Fanatic
You don't HAVE to tickle the reds. Adjust for your hottest guitar and leave it.

This is what I do and all my other guitars sound great at this setting. Its just about how hard your loudest guitar/transients hit the AD DA converters if I remember correctly.


Self-Admitted Software Thief
I prefer the tone when set to a level that never touches the red.

I hypothesized this was about headroom into the a/d converter but I really don't know. All I know is when I set it to tickle the red the tone congests in a manner I don't like.

Basically what I am saying is I don't bother to get near the red and have great sounds and low noise.
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