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I noticed my Expression pedal wasn't plugged in a few presets sounded trebly like the wah was toe down


So I plugged my FM3 in the wall and turned it on and played a few of my presets and scenes I set up perfectly to my liking within the last 2 weeks. What I noticed was a few presets were extremely High Endy like a wah pedal completely toe down on it's most trebly sound. I got red worried and thought OH NO , there's something wrong now and I will have to load in my saved stuff. I freaked out because it was now useless the way it sounded. Then I noticed my expression pedal was not plugged in so I plugged it in and everything went back to normal and I put the pedal in complete heel down where the wah is off on my presets. I got worried there for a minute that I lost all my favorite sounds I got where I loved them. But plugging in the expression pedal put everything back to normal.

My question is this: Why did that happen? And does that mean I can't ever leave the expression pedal not plugged in for my wah? Do I really always now have to have my expression pedal plugged in?


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I had the same thing happen. You can go into Setup>Midi/Remote, go to the External page, and change External Control 1 to "None" when your expression pedal is not plugged in. It seems like you could also set Off Value to 95% for the presets you use, but I haven't tried it to verify, and Off at toe down may not be your preference.
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Yup ,just did that myself , and then there’s the expression pedal on a bit ,just enough to give you ,what happen to my preset its so trebly 🤣


I've had this happen a few times myself. I actually unplugged my expression pedal in hopes I'd prevent the "wah is toe down" shenanigans, and... I think it didn't work. It does seem that I have the problem mostly on initial power-up, and if I change to a different preset and change back it seems to my ear to help.

All that said, I'm going to take Leon's excellent suggestion! 🤟
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