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I need a cab IR from Firmware 18 ASAP!


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Hey guys, this is a really crappy situation for me.

I've been in the process of recording an album for the past year. Atmospheric Black Metal.
I recorded all guitars on FW18.03 if I recall correctly. Once I had finished tracking all the songs and everything sounded great, I upgraded to Quantum thinking that all my tracking needs were behind me.

I was wrong. Terribly.

I decided to double track all my L-R panned guitar tracks after the fact. Which is fine considering that I don't mind having a slightly different sound on these new guitar tracks. (Original L-R guitars were recorded with an Ibanez S670PB and the doubles L-R were recorded in Quantum with a Dean ML for some added beefiness)

My problem is that in the process of doubling my guitars, I picked up the Ibanez, forgetting that I had upgraded to Quantum and re-tracked the right channel Ibanez lines on the last half of the last song on the album. This song is 10+ minutes so the last half is almost a full track's length.

I didn't notice until a few days ago that the cab IR had changed from 18 to Quantum and was making this terrible out of phase-like quality in my mix. It truly sounds TERRIBLE. It's a massive peak around 950HZ. If I cut it out with EQ, I need a wide Q and it KILLS my guitar tone. All the warmth is gone because I have to cut at least 10 db do somewhat hide this horrible sound. Chalk all this up to being an amateur recording engineer with this being my first effort at recording a full album. Good thing it's my own music! xD

MY QUESTION IS THIS: Is there any way I can get the Mesa 4x12 IR from slot 043 in FW18 into my user cabs list in Quantum so I can re-record again with the same IR as the original? OR...

Can I revert to FW18 from Quantum and still have my preset?

Lastly (bear with me please): Is there any chance of the Quantum PC USB drivers being incompatible with FW18 and me being stuck in FW18 with no ability to use Fractal-Bot or AxeEdit?

If something doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll clarify. This is driving me nuts so I value any help in this situation more than you could understand.

Thanks in advance!
I think the best thing to do would be to reload FW18, then reload your backed up presets that you saved from when you were running FW18. That is assuming that you have these presets still available.
Alternatively you can go back to FW18, do a tone match of that cab, then save it, come back to Quantum, and use it with your current preset. I'm not sure of the step-by-step, but I believe this is possible.
Here's a sample clip of the change in tone I experienced:

The first cab in the clip is the #43 cab in Quantum. After the transition is the original FW18 #43 cab I used to build the tone for the album! What a difference!

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