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I missed the new USB v1.11 release...Wow!

Davus PG

Based on the release notes, how can this possibly make 19.05 sound any different?

Unlike DSP firmware, which changes sound and features, USB firmware changes the way your Axe-Fx III boots up and how it interacts with a computer. Version 1.11 includes changes related to unstable USB Audio latency.


Power User
Not sure why installing the USB Firmware (installed on the Axe-FX using Fractal-Bot) made a difference. But it did! Greatly improved my patches. Have you installed it?


Power User
Not an april fools joke...Have you installed the latest USB Firmware? I see were several are having issues w/19.05. It didn't quite sound as good as previous Cignus releases until I installed the USB Firmware...no joke!


Fractal Fanatic
It really works! and it's even better if you cut the ends off the same usb cable you updated with and make an instrument cable. Just be sure to only use this cable with the firmware that has flowed thru while updating, otherwise some presets may sound off!


Power User
Its great - it makes the zeros way more round and the ones far pointier!

Seriously though, it did fix the issues mentioned on the release.
So, some thought this was silly and/or a joke. I'm glad, I'm not the one that's crazy. Thanks, @Handyman for your confirmation!
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