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Wish I miss my Eggie.


Fractal Fanatic
It was my go-to light crunch amp in the Ultra. Not the rock rhythm type of crunch, but the kind that has slightly more drive than clean-with-an-edge. The kind that can go to rock rhythm with a clean boost and a bridge humbucker, but clears up when picked lightly.

I'm now using the 1987x in its place, but it just isn't as smooth. That one has just a bit to much crackle going on in the treble regions making it harsh when turning it up.

Any suggestions for an alternative would be great?


Fractal Audio Systems
The Eggie is very similar to a Blues Jr. Basically the same preamp with some minor tweaks.


Fractal Fanatic
Who'd a thunk dat?

A plethora of bo'teek amps in the Axe and I picked a Blues Jr.

Thank you!
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