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I LOVE THE AXE-FX-Live Double tracked Guitars & Backing Tracks=HUGE.


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Yes -- it's just their Reel ADT plug-in (Abbey Road) and it it is truly great!

Does great flanging, phasing and making one guitar into two.

PS that sales price of $79 saw from your link is pretty good deal....


Yes -- it's just their Reel ADT plug-in (Abbey Road) and it it is truly great!

Does great flanging, phasing and making one guitar into two.

PS that sales price of $79 saw from your link is pretty good deal....
I just bought this two days ago for $79 - now I just received an e-mail offering it for $29. Unreal. I guess if anyone wants to buy it, get on their mailing list and they'll offer it to you for $29.
Very interesting post. I was just rewoking my stereo setup in the Axe today.
Reading your post I got interested in knowing what the Mimiq pedal was. So I googled for it and red a good testing article.
Well, I must say that the stereo effects it gives is not impressive. I listened carefully to samples of it with a good pair of headphones and I finished wondering if such a doubler effect could not be achieved with the enhancer block in the FX.
So I don't really see the use of such a pedal in front of an Axe FX where we can already enter mono and output stereo (and I mean true stereo, not double mono).
But maybe I'm wrong and the Mimiq pedal goes beyond that...
I'll get inspired with your experience and will try to replicate that stereo doubling effect in the Axe.
Until now, what I was doing to output stereo was : mono signal > two parallel amp blocks (panned hard left and right) > enhancer block (modern mode, 50% width, 50% depth) > stereo cab block (with 2 different IRs panned hard left and right + a few ms delay on one side + a slight room fx). The result was quite amazing already.
Tomorrow I will try the enhancer before the amps!
I too use the Enhancer Block sometimes, in the same way you do except I like the Classic mode, I like how wide it sounds. I've since played shows using MIMIQ and Enhancer for comparison. While the MIMIQ sounds more "Double tracked" IMO, the Enhancer sounds more natural for sure, but doesn't really have that double tracked feel, its just wider, but in a live setting it will absolutely suffice. I have not decided which i like best. I keep going back and forth haha. I will say that in studio, the MIMIQ is an amazing tool for laying down tracks quickly, strictly for writing scratch tracks of course. I cut my Guitar tracking and DAW editing in half using the MIMIQ pedal.


Just saw this thread, I bought a Mimiq and was very disappointed. I used it stereo in the Axe loop and set as the OP described and heard very obvious glitching, including what sounded like a full reset from a larger delay time to the shortest delay every 15-20 seconds. Totally unusable, as is the TC forum, which locked me out inexplicably after one post where I described this phenomenon. And, it doesn't come with the very uncommon type of micro USB needed to even check for an update.

Anybody else have a similar experience with the Mimiq to mine?

Tommy Tempest

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At the risk of getting stones thrown, I'm old school and do not believe in any backing tracks. When I go see a band play live and find out they use backing tracks, I walk out because, to me, it is no better than going to hear karaoke. I know solo and duo acts use them, but bands should never use backing tracks. I go to hear live music. Recently I heard U2 plays concerts with another band under the stage. While that is still cheating to me, at least they didn't use backing tracks. And maybe they should just put them up on stage as well.
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