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I HAVE NO WORDS... Fractal you did it!!!!


Very good in every aspect. I really like the improvements that came with V11 and Axe Edit 3 worked flawlessly for me. Thanks very much


This is crazy. Just between work and rehearsal updated to FW 11.01, re-uploaded some patches I use and had a very good sound.
Then bought the new OH IR's and installed it......Wow that made me really fall of my chair!

Hurry upto the rehearsal room and tried them on gig volume....OMG this is a real amp! This is insane how real it sounds!
Then the singer came in. Switched through some patches and het turned his head, fast! (I think he has neckmuscle-pain tomorrow;) "Holy shit! Do you have some new sounds?" :) :)
Even the drummer, who is reluctant about digital amp modeling, had a big smile and told me he looooves my new sound:) :)

Axe FXII + FW 11.01 + OH IR's is by far the best purchase I ever did in my time as musician! Period.
This is gonna be such a nice journey.

Cliff, FAS Team and Beta testers. A big thank you for giving me the best sound available!


Yes please let us know. I bought them all and there's ten billion to choose from it seems and I don't have time to sample anywhere near close to them all.

Tex Axe

Yea your going to like how you sound I can say without any doubts now...
Heading to OH myself now...
Cant wait...
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