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I dare you all with this song Cryin


I've been trying to find some nice patches for some Satriani but I might have been looking in the wrong places. :roll

This is what I came up with for the song Cryin of the Extremist album by shredder Joe. ;)

So for the test of the evening I'm using a Marsha sim with a 4x12 Boogie Recto2 Cab.

In the signal chain there are as follow a Phaser, Filter(HP), Drive, Amp, Cab, Reverb, Delay and a Filter(LP)

Cryin - Guitar Cover by Trolle Fender on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Is there anyone sitting on some great patches for say Surfing with the Alien album? :roll



That was an amazing piece! Great playing and awesome tone. And how the heck does one actually remember all those notes, just fantastic!!!


Fractal Fanatic
Nice tone, nice playing. Intonation could be slightly better. Maybe it's the guitar.
Good Job!
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