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I Currently Have a GC Pro, Would I Regret Going to the LFJr?

Josh O

I currently use my GC Pro in the 8 IA / 4 preset mode, have used it for almost two years. At the time, I felt I needed more IA switches than what I currently have to have maximum on the fly switching flexibility and have been holding out for the MFC or maybe putting the money together for the Liquid Foot Pro. The GC Pro has been useful but I really would like to have the two way communication capability, autoload preset names, autoload functions, tuner display, etc, etc. I don't really want to hold out for the MFC anymore and the LF Pro is way outta my price range.

I've been thinking about my IA switch use, I find that I really only use five consistently, one of which is to just activate the tuner. I'm thinking of setting more presets up for tone changes and less IA on the fly so I'm starting to think the LF Jr really might fit the bill. I'm also starting to fall in love with the size of it.

Am I crazy for going backwards in the amount of switches available to me?


Fractal Fanatic
No, I don't think you're crazy for wanting to "right-size" your MIDI controller. ;)

You say that the LF Pro is out of your price range, but you don't mention what your price range really is.

There's an option between the LFjr and the LF Pro - the Gordius Little Giant. It's in-between, in terms of size, number of switches, and price.

Josh O

I knew I fogot something!! My price max really is what the LP Jr is going for new which is $449 I believe.


Fractal Fanatic
I had a GCPro and now I'm using the LF Jr.

Personally, I would hold on to the GCPro at this point and wait to see if the Fractal unit offers substantial advantages over the LF Jr. Fractal can't be that far away now and it's not like the GCPro is a terrible controller. What's another couple months at this point?

I like the Jr a lot, and the two way communication for the tuner is nice, but it can be a bit difficult to program and the manual is terrible. I find that a lot of the need for complexity/programmability with the Jr is because it's such a small controller and you have to use the programming options to get around the small size and the lack of buttons. But the trade off is that it's such a nice small size. YMMV, but I would rather have had a couple more buttons on the Jr which would save me a little less planning/programming on how I want to set everything up.
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