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Bug? I assign patch 026 in a song, but after saving it's another patch


I'll tell it better: it started some weeks ago, i'm no more able to assign patches with number >025 in my songs.
For example, in "edit mode/song" i select a song (any song), a position (any position) and then i assign patch 026.
I save and exit, but when i stomp that position of my song, it loads a different patch (e.g. 063).
So if i go back in edit mode and i select the song, the position and i change the patch to 027, save, and now it shows whole another patch (e.g. 075).
It works fine only with patches until 025.

I'm running the latest firmware.


No answers? I really need help and solution, it's a big problem
Reload the firmware on MFC and AxeFx. Don't update the Axe with the MFC connected. Check for corrupt presets. Try a different cat 5 cable. Try a MIDI cable instead of the cat5.
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