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Hyper Planet Crazy Riff [ALBUM TEASER] - Using MLSOUNDLAB Cab-Pack [GTR N Bass]

Hyper Planet

Power User
This is a short part of how me and Armin (My brother) write music for our band Hyper Planet, we will release our first album in 2019... in this video we used ML Packs for the all GTRs and and Bass lines with no post processing,

led me know how does it sound to your ear???

Gear Used: 1- Axe-Fx II 2- Ibanez RG Prestige 1820X 3- Bareknuckle Pickups-Juggernauts 4- Yamaha TRB 6P-II 5- MLSOUNDLAB - Cab Pack 6- Mackie Studio Monitors 7- Daddario American Stage Cables 8- Dunlop John Petrucci's Flow pick
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