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HX Stomp


Power User
I know a few on here have bought or mentioned getting a HX Stomp.

I got one when they came out as an alternative to my AX8, a quick grab, b-rig thing.

I've used it a bit, but have spent quite a bit of time with it recently as I have a gig this weekend where I do not want to take the AX8 (Small grubby pub)

I've spent time getting the sort of tones I use in the band, I've bought the Celestion IR Suhr pack (Put it in my basket when they had the big Christmas discount and forgot about it, went back and the discount still applied), and I've got some fine tones out of it.
Cleans are nice, the Placator is very good with the right IR. It's form factor is very good, and it's impressed me how well thought out some of the features are in this little box.
I put it on a Pedaltrain Nano I had and got a Morningstar MC6 dirt cheep as a MIDI controller which gives full control at my feet.

So, easy to set up, easy to move about and bags of features, and plenty of nice tones

Would it replace my Fractal?.........., would it f##k!

Just plugged the AX8 into my CLR, it's like going from 2d to 3d, everything sounds richer and more detailed, and more depth.

The HX Stomp is a really impressive unit, but nothing ever really makes me go WOW tonally. It always seems like a decent digital representation.

I'll certainly keep it, until we get a Fractal equivalent


It’s been a while since I heard anything about the Stomp. Glad to hear you are still getting along with it. It was on my short list for a while but I got way too much tech I don’t fully utilize as it is.

It’s a neat little unit to be sure. Certainly fits a need.
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